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Passion. Emotion. Challenge.

Where is your limit? Cross the magical limit of a 4,000 meter summit and experience ultimate mountain adventures with Mammut!


In the breathtaking mountain landscape around Zermatt, we are offering you the exclusive chance to immerse yourself in the fascinating mountain world in the company of like-minded people and record a milestone in your personal summit log.


Accompanied by the world’s best mountaineers and mountain guides from the Mammut Alpine School, you will reach and push beyond your limit in lofty heights. Just 35 selected adventurous entrants will have the chance to take part in this unique and exclusive experience in an idyllic mountain hut with an amazing view of the Matterhorn.


Push beyond the 4'000 meter limit with Mammut

Seize your chance! Together with Mammut, you have a chance to push past the 4,000 meter limit. Over a period of three days, you will learn all the vital foundations that will ultimately lead you to the absolute highlight on the summit. Along the way, you can look forward to some tips and tricks from experienced mountain guides. Dani Arnold and Stephan Siegrist, two athletes from the Mammut Pro Team, will be by your side to offer advice. They will accompany and support you on this unforgettable adventure.


The base camp at the Gandegghütte mountain cabin in Zermatt is located in the heart of the imposing Pennine Alps. The cabin will be reserved exclusively for festival participants for these days, to allow a relaxed gathering of like-minded people. In addition to the athletic activities, there will also be an attractive supporting program. The highlights include exciting talks by our athletes and by the product manager of the Eiger Extreme Collection, who will reveal some fascinating background information about the products in the Eiger series. There will also be product workshops, good food and, of course, the amazing mountain scenery.


That's waiting for you!

If you are among the lucky participants, you can look forward to the Mammut Alpine Festival package:


  • Welcome drink with Valais specialties
  • Exclusive accommodation (2 nights) at the Gandegghütte mountain cabin (reserved for festival participants)
  • Full board with breakfast/brunch, packed lunch and 4-course evening meal (2 days)
  • All workshops on the Saturday and summit tour on the Sunday (in small groups of up to 6 people)
  • Participation in the supporting program with talks by Dani Arnold and Stephan Siegrist
  • Insights from the product manager of the Mammut Eiger Extreme collection
  • Use of the Gandegghütte infrastructure
  • Free test and rental equipment including ice pick, crampons, climbing harness, helmet

Workshops and day tour

On the first day of the festival, you will take part in different modules focusing on mountaineering/mountain tours. The subjects covered include crevasse rescue, alpine rescue, equipment knowledge, using a rope and other relevant topics. In this half-day workshop, mountain guides from the Mammut Alpine School will train you in the techniques and equipment you will need for your ascent to the summit the following day.


The second day of the festival will then be a chance to apply what you have learned and deepen your knowledge: under the leadership of a mountain guide, you will set out on a day tour in a small group (max. six people). The groups will be accompanied by Mammut Pro Team athletes.



Are you looking for an amazing adventure and the chance to finally break through the 4,000 meter limit? If you are also adventurous, a nature lover and enjoy spending time with like-minded people, the Mammut Alpine Festival is the perfect place for you!

No prior experience of high-alpine activities is needed - however, a sure step and good health/fitness are essential.



  • No prior knowledge of technical alpine aspects is required.
  • For mountain hikers with a sure step.
  • The tours lead through easy, moderately steep terrain.



  • The walking times will be around 2 to 5 hours.
  • The altitude difference is up to 700 meters.
  • We will climb around 250 vertical meters per hour.



Registration and application process


Challenge accepted? Up until June 17, 2018, you have the opportunity to apply for one of the 35 sought-after and limited places.


The price for taking part in the festival is

CHF 620.-.

We will inform the lucky winners of the limited places by beginning of July.


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Together with:

Dani Arnold & Stephan Siegrist